A new beginning

I´m moving to France

This decision started many years ago. When I was passing an antic marked in Antibes, I bought a small painting made by an unknown french artist. The colors and especially the bright turquoise, was talking to me as in a dream, I was obsessed by having it and luckily I got it for 20 euro.  Since then I´ve been in love with the colourful and magic mediterranean atmosphere, and I have been longing to settle in the land of light and color.

The little painting have been standing in front of me in my office in Oslo about 8 years now, and reminded about following my dreams. And now it´s going to be real.  In the middle of august 2016, I´m moving to the south of France. I can´t wait to experience what is going to happen to me and my art when I´m settling there.


When I understood that I would see this light every morning, I couldn’t believe my good fortune,” – Henri Matisse



Artist unknown, oil on wood, 13 x 10cm