Dreambox – the Power of Hope, is a multimedia project based on the stories of ten women with breast cancer. The exhibition shall give people who are fighting a battle against serious illnesses an identity. Cancer patients are fighting a battle, but they also have hopes and dreams. Through this project, I will focus on their hope, strength and their enormous will to survive.

See the digital version of Dreambox here


Annette Martens have been portraying ten women in painting / mixed media. The  participants  have contributed to an interactive installation where they have visualized their hope. They are all interviewed about their thoughts around existential issues and the importance the hope have in their lives. Parts of the interviews is made as an sound installation following each portrait.

The multimedia project took place for the first time on the norwegian congress for oncologists, Onkolog Forum, in Holmen Park Hotell, Oslo/ Norway, november 20 th and 21 th. The multimedia exhibition will be showed in different galleries and showrooms in Norway   and abroad during 2015/16. The project sponsor is Roche.

Dreambox-the Power of Hope, will be exhibited for a public audience in Oslo City Hall/Rådhusgalleriet, october 15th – october 27th 2015.

Below you can see the portraits, and images from the exhibition in Holmenkollen Park Hotell in Oslo in november 2014 and the public exhibition in Oslo City Hall october 2015.